From Fly Fishing Snob to Common Bass Man

Well, I must confess. There was a time in my life when I thought that anyone fishing with anything other than a fly rod/reel were heathens and barbarians. If they used live bait they were worse ... Zombies or just Fish Murderers. The crazy thing is, I was raised by a single mother, we were poor and I really had no reason to sport a superior attitude toward much about anything in life. But in this one area, my nose was held as high as could be. I fished lakes, rivers and and Oceans from Alaska to the Pacific to the Atlantic. All of the fishing in my young adulthood was fly fishing. I bought all the right (read expensive here) gear, the fancy waders, flies, fly tying tools, boots, hats and I won't even go into the rod/reels and lines.

I became quite adept at catching fish on a fly rod. So much so, that on the Russian River in Alaska guys would give me a not so polite nod to move on - when combat fishing. I would typically pull in 3-4 Sockeye or Silver salmon to their one (not bragging just factual). But, and this is a big but, I couldn't help but notice, the higher and mightier I got into fly fishing, the fewer friends I fished with.

Well, a funny thing happened. I got old. I noticed that as I aged, I wasn't fishing as much because I just didn't have many friends to fish with anymore. I really began to miss fishing and I decided it was time for a change. I bought a spinning rod and reel, a bait caster, a tin boat which then led to a fishing kayak. I now bait fish for trout and pitch a variety of bait at Bass and couldn't be happier. I had no idea how challenging it was to catch Bass. Oh, and it is very easy to find someone to fish with me these days if I want. Opening my old eyes and mind to new ways to fish and catch fish has been a revelation. It is like I am starting from the beginning and everything is so fresh and new.

So the point of this post is, try not to judge others by their methods of fishing and open your mind to other ways to catch your quarry. I often find that getting my line wet any way I can, cleanses my soul of life's daily dregs. The more ways I get on or in the water, is like that drop of water that starts a tidal wave. Who knows, if more of us feel at ease trying new ways to fish, maybe, just maybe, it might transfer to everyday life.

Tight Lines and Good Times,


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