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Italian Skunk 2/5/22

Italian Skunk 2/5/22 Whoa ... the fishing stunk big time yesterday. Out on Saturday and saw only 4 boats, 1 kayak and several bank beaters (shore fisherman). I fished for about 6 hours - chasing any kind of bass and only got one bite when I was trolling back to the marina on a craw colored lipless crank bait. literally threw the kitchen sink at the fish. I could see fish on the graph but they weren't interested in anything. Not just lock jawed crazy glued jaw! I talked to everyone I saw and the dude on the kayak was the only other person to get a bite. It was off/on overcast and the water was right around 50 degrees. We had 3 days of cooler weather and I noticed about a 1-2 degree water temperature drop. Starting this coming week the temperatures will get into the 70s and maybe this will wake the Bass from their winter naps. No video of the skunking to follow!!!! Tight Lines and Good Times. Keith

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