Late Summer Back on the Delta

The transition from Summer to Fall is upon us in the California Delta region. What does this mean? You will probably have some great days, some not so great days and days when you wished you stayed in bed and slept. There are so many variables at play here that a person could do a dissertation on the topic and probably fall short in routinely being successful. What I plan to do is watch all the reports and gather all the information from the really solid fishing reports on the Delta (Youtube) and make a determination where I will fish. For example, the last two out of the 3 times I was out - I fished the south Delta and caught some fish but they were all dinky doos. So, I made a move the 3 rd time and fished the central eastern Delta and low and behold the bite was better and there were better quality of fish in the mix. So, research is the name of the game and there are so many resources these days that it we really have no one to blame but ourselves if we stink it up. TIGHT LINES AND GOOD TIMES

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