Wild West Bass Trail Tournament of Champions (TOC)

Well I competed in my first TOC (Tournament of Champions) September 23-25. To say it was challenging is an understatement. There were 100 anglers, 50 from WWBT and 50 from CA BASS NATION.

The competition was held at ClearLake, CA which was fishing very tough by all report. The irony is that ClearLake is known for being the Bass "DisneyLand". A buddy and I rented a place right by the launch ramp which made it quite easy to pre-fish and launch for the two days of competition. The weather, outside of a little wind each day, was high 80s and the water temperature was 72-79 depending on where you fished. The water was absolutely chalked full of algae and in many places looked like split pea soup. YUK.

I will be posting a video, soon, on Youtube of the experience and I encourage you to come along. Thanks for checking this site out.

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